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本文摘要:One of the world’s first videogames, Tetris, has hit the big three-oh today, and its brand is anything but old school.位列世界上首批视频游戏之列的俄罗斯方块(Tetris)早已踏入而立之年,但它的品牌一点也澹老。

One of the world’s first videogames, Tetris, has hit the big three-oh today, and its brand is anything but old school.位列世界上首批视频游戏之列的俄罗斯方块(Tetris)早已踏入而立之年,但它的品牌一点也澹老。To celebrate, there’s a series of Meet Up events being conducted around the world using the hashtag #WeAllFitTogether. In April, the world’s largest game of Tetris was played on the side of a building at Drexel University using LED lights, breaking a world record.为了庆典它的三十岁生日,世界各地正在举办一系列主题标签为 #WeAllFitTogether(意为我们严丝合缝)的玩家聚会。今年4月份,德雷塞尔大学(Drexel University)一栋建筑物的外墙在LED灯的协助下,化身为世界上仅次于的俄罗斯方块游戏,规模超越了世界纪录。

But what’s kept people swiping and clicking to ensure each row of blocks stays aligned and disappears into the virtual ether since its development in 1984 Soviet Russia? A combination of new platforms and a mesmerizing psychological appeal.但自从这款游戏于1984年在前苏联问世以来,到底是什么让人们移动手指,不时地页面,以保证每一行方块保持一致,然后消失在虚拟世界以太之中?答案:这是新的平台和令人著迷的心理表达意见结合的结果。Maya Rogers, the CEO of Blue Planet Software, the sole agent of the Tetris brand, said the protection of the game’s core over the last three decades has aided its longevity. “It appeals to people from all ages and all demographics,” she said.俄罗斯方块品牌独家代理商、蓝色星球软件公司(Blue Planet Software)CEO玛雅o罗杰斯回应,过去三十年来,这款游戏仍然精心维护着它的核心玩法,进而成就了长盛不衰的传奇。

她说道:“它对所有年龄,所有人群都有吸引力。”As mobile and social become two of the largest sources for gaming these days, Tetris isn’t showing any signs of losing its appeal. Currently appearing on over 50 different gaming platforms, from the 1983 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to smartphones, Tetris is sold on over 425 million mobile devices. More than 20 billion games of Tetris Battle have been played on Facebook, too.现如今,虽然移动和社交早已沦为仅次于的两个游戏来源,但俄罗斯方块的吸引力并没显露出任何波动迹象。从1983年的任天堂娱乐系统(NES)到智能手机,俄罗斯方块目前经常出现在50多种不同的游戏平台之上,多达4.25亿移动设备用户出售了这款游戏。


Facebook用户也早已玩游戏了多达200亿盘俄罗斯方块对战版游戏(Tetris Battle)。Tetris has also had a smooth transition on to mobiles phones and appears inside the top 100 paid applications on the Apple AAPL -0.28% iTunes App store. “We’ve always made sure that we’re on every platform,” said Rogers.此外,俄罗斯方块早已稳定地过渡到了智能手机,目前已挤身苹果公司(Apple)iTunes应用于商店收费应用于排行榜前100名。罗杰斯说道:“我们仍然保证经常出现在每一个平台上面。”But there’s something psychologically entrancing about the game, too, that’s kept people hooked through the years. “Play a game of Tetris,” said Rogers, “and satisfy your craving to create order out of chaos.”但这款游戏也有一种摄人心魄的魅力,让人们倒数多年知道心烦地沉迷于其中。

罗杰斯说道:“玩游戏一盘俄罗斯方块游戏,需要符合你在恐慌中建构秩序的渴求。”One man who’s been able to do that better than anyone else in the world is Jonas Neubauer, the four-time Tetris world champion on the NES gaming system. He’s gone undefeated since the event started in 2010 and doesn’t plan on calling it quits any time soon. “You have to keep going,” he said. “You don’t stop at four.“当今之世,还没经常出现比乔纳斯o纽鲍尔更佳的俄罗斯方块玩家。纽鲍尔四度登基NES游戏系统俄罗斯方块世界锦标赛冠军。


自这项赛事于2010年创立以来,他还没被打败过,而且还没解散江湖的想。他说道:“一定得坚持下去,无法符合于四个冠军头衔,”他说道。Neubauer juggles his yearly foray into the competitive world of Tetris with his job as a senior analyst at Saibus Research, an independent research and advisory firm. Although he says his passion for Tetris and his day job don’t have much in common, he does take the time to analyze his game for the sake of improvement.身兼独立国家研究和咨询公司Saibus Research高级分析师,纽鲍尔每年都希望地在竞争白热化的俄罗斯方块世界和他的工作之间保持一种均衡。

虽然他说道他对俄罗斯方块的热衷和他的日常工作并没许多共同点,但为了精益求精,纽鲍尔显然会花一些时间来分析这款游戏。Tetris, which he’s been playing for nearly his whole life, draws him back for more, year after year. “It’s so pervasive among so many age groups,” he said. “Its simplicity is almost hypnotic.”他早已玩游戏了大半辈子俄罗斯方块,但年复一年,这款游戏总是更有他之后玩游戏下去。

“它倍受不同年龄组人群的青睐,”他说道。“它的非常简单性完全有清醒起到。”Plus, there’s the added quality of playing Tetris and never feeling wholly fulfilled. “There’s no correct move that you can make,” said Neubauer. “The quest for the perfect move never ends.”另外,玩游戏俄罗斯方块还有额外的特性:你总有一天都会实在几乎符合。

“根本没什么准确的步骤,”纽鲍尔说道。“对极致步骤的执着总有一天也会完结。”Tom Stafford, a professor of cognitive development and psychology at Sheffield University in the U.K., says that Tetris has been around so long because it transports gamers into a different realm when they play. “It’s a world of perpetually generating uncompleted tasks,” he said.英国谢菲尔德大学(Sheffield University)理解发展和心理学教授汤姆o斯塔福德回应,俄罗斯方块长盛不衰的原因是,这款游戏需要把玩家带进一个几乎有所不同的领域。他说道:“这是一个总有一天产生未完成任务的世界。

”As he’s said in the past, too, “Tetris is the granddaddy of puzzle games like Candy Crush saga – the things that keep us puzzling away for hours, days and weeks.”他过去也曾多次说道过:“俄罗斯方块是《糖果消灭传奇》(Candy Crush Saga)这类益智游戏的鼻祖。这些游戏让我们倒数几个小时,几天、甚至几个星期沉迷于其中,不能自拔。”“Tetris is pure game: there is no benefit to it, nothing to learn, no social or physical consequence,” he added. “It is almost completely pointless, but keeps us coming back for more.”“俄罗斯方块是纯粹的游戏:玩游戏它没什么益处,没什么可学,也会造成社交或身体方面的后果,”他补足说道。


“它完全几乎没意义,但就是有一种让我们流连忘返的牵引力。”Neuberger, who even appeared in a 2011 documentary, “Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters,” considers the social component of Tetris, although its played individually, a big draw. Growing up, he’d check out forums where people posted their high scores. That raised the stakes and inspired him to do even better. Now, Facebook and other social media allow that score comparison to happen even more easily.纽鲍尔甚至经常出现在2011年发售的纪录片《秩序的幻觉:俄罗斯方块大师》(Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters)之中。在他显然,尽管俄罗斯方块是单人游戏,但它的社交属性也是众多吸引力。从小到大,他仍然在游戏论坛上查阅其他人公布的高分。

这提高了玩游戏的利害关系,并鼓舞他做到得更佳。现在,Facebook和其他社交媒体使得这种分数较为显得更为更容易。With the chance to kick off a game of Tetris on a Nintendo DS, an Android, an iPad, a PC or countless other devices, a community of players has emerged in full force. “The fact that now anyone can access Tetris and play the same game has exponentially grown our community,” said Rogers. “It has no language, and no cultural barriers.”如今,任何人都有机会在便携式任天堂游戏机、安卓系统(Android)、iPad、个人电脑和其他无数设备上玩游戏俄罗斯方块游戏,一个由玩家构成的可观社区早已强势兴起。“任何人现在都可以采访俄罗斯方块,玩同一款游戏。

这个事实促成我们的社区成倍增长,”罗杰斯说道。“它没语言和文化的障碍。”For Neubauer, there’s also the benefit of being a four-time world champion and talking about his achievements with others. “It’s a fun thing to bring up at parties,” he said.对于纽鲍尔来说,作为四届世界冠军还有一个益处就是,可以跟其他人闲谈自己的成就。

他说道:“参与聚会的时候聊起这种事很有意思。”Going forward for the brand, Rogers remains committed to Tetris’ “core gameplay” and serving a younger audience who may not have played the highly popular 1989 Game Boy version (which the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition lists as number six on the top selling video games of all time).罗杰斯在未来发展这个品牌的未来时依然致力于俄罗斯方块的“核心玩法”,并想服务于也许还没玩游戏过Game Boy1989版的年长受众。根据吉尼斯世界纪录玩家版 (Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition),这款风靡一时的游戏名列史上最畅销视频游戏排行榜的第六名。

While Tetris has reached its third decade this year, Rogers says plans are in place for it to continue thriving “way beyond” even the next 30 years.虽然俄罗斯方块早已童年了30岁生日,但罗杰斯回应,这家公司早已制订了计划,期望这款游戏需要在下个30年沿袭它的巅峰。